The Maze, more commonly known as the Scary Maze Game, is a Flash game created in 2004. It was made by game developer Jeremy Winterrowd.

This Flash prank disguises itself as a simple maze game in which the player has to move their mouse cursor to progress through the maze. At the start screen, there is a note telling the player to beat all four levels to intrigue them further into the game. However, there are actually only three levels. 

The first two levels are easy to complete. But as the third level is reached, the walls begin to shrink and have sharp turns, making it difficult to avoid touching them. This usually makes the player concentrate on the screen. Then, near the very end of the maze, a picture of Regan MacNeil from the 1973's classic horror movie The Exorcist appears along with two loud screams, scaring the user. 

The game was uploaded in 2005 on Jeremy's website, The original version of the game had some slight differences in color, where orange/yellow was used instead of turquoise. There was also an alternative version of the game used in America's Funniest Home Videos, where the face that pops up is replaced with the one from What's Wrong?[1], due to copyright laws. It also includes with the same scream from What's Wrong?[citation needed]



Justice playing The Maze.

A lot of people have posted videos of other people reacting to the game. The first reaction video on YouTube was uploaded by user CantWeAllJusGetAlong, on May 20th, 2006. In the video, a young kid, Justice, is playing the maze. Then, he gets surprised by the screamer. Shocked, he starts screaming and repeatedly hitting the computer screen. He then runs to his stepdad, Chad, and starts crying. As of October 2017, the video has over 27 million views.

The Saturday Night Live parody.

The most viewed Maze Game video was uploaded by YouTube user nalts and has accumulated over 43 million views as of October 2017. On March 27, YouTube's Ethan Channel released a video in which YouTube ethanb0206 tricked his friend into playing the maze game (shown below, right). On March 27, the video obtained more than 0 million visits and 0 comments.


The Maze has been parodied on Saturday Night Live. There is also a game called Save Justin Bieber, created by Jeremy Winterrowd himself, which replaces some parts of the game with a picture of Justin Bieber and the maze color is light purple instead of cyan blue.

Genius Maze simpsons

Lisa playing Genius Maze.

In The Simpsons episode "Flanders' Ladder", the opening segment has Bart Simpson prank his sister Lisa by having her play a game called "Genius Maze", which is a direct spoof of The Maze, however in this spoof, the jumpscare happened very early on in the 2nd level, and has a popup of a zombie, instead of Regan.[2]


Showcase Video

Censored screamer.
The Maze Showcase




NOTE: The following games contain screamers!

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  • Yellow version:
  • Justin Bieber version:
  • Unofficial Portuguese Version:
  • America's Funniest Home Videos version:
  • Unofficial HTML5 version: 
  • Mirror Link:

Unofficial Links

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Showcase video


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