Smash an Xbox 360

Smash an Xbox 360!

Smash an Xbox 360! is a screamer video,uploaded to YouTube by user Conley012 (Conley & Frame Productions) in January 20 2008.The video has accumulated over 314,115 views since it was uploaded.

About the Video

The video begins with a text,stating ''Conley Productions proudly presents''it then shows a new line of text stating Smashing my Xbox 360 it then shows the kid filming the video,explaining that he is at his friend's Mason's house and that it's 10 degrees outside,and that Mason is about to smash his Xbox 360.He then shows his friend Mason,holding his xbox,and when he was about to smash it in the ground in slow motion,a zombie woman pops up with a female scream.It then shows a black screen with some text stating:Video made by,Mason Conley thus ending the video.

Two years later, Conley&Frame Productions did however upload a video where they actually smash an Xbox 360.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!