This page is about a website which no longer exists.
The links below contain Malicious Scripts that may harm your computer!

A screenshot of used to be a shock site that showed three old men in a shower doing sexual acts. The song The Fishin' Hole by Andy Griffith played in the background. The video has since been removed from the home page, and the website was shut down by the Sweden police for containing child pornography. However, the video is still accessible and was moved to another page on the website. There is also a variant of the site that used a script which tried to prevent the user from closing the site by displaying a lot/infinite alert boxes when clicking the close button.

A screenshot of, before it was completely shut down by the Sweden police.

The website went through some changes. A few months before the website was shut down, the user was presented with a page filled with random yellow text on a red background.


NOTE: The following websites contain pornography!

  • • Version with the malicious script
  • sourmath[dot]com • Exactly the same thing as above
  • • Another mirror
  • • Version with no malicious scripts, but a lot of porn ads and the text "Can you spot the mothballs?"