The Limecat meme at the start of the Offended page.

Offended is a shock webpage located on the website Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Encyclopedia Dramatica is a parody of Wikipedia, containing much more offensive/vulgar content. For especially offensive content, there is a box saying "Offended by (said article)? Click here and scroll slowly to the bottom of the page." which links to this page, the purpose being to offend/gross that person out as much as possible.


The article starts with a montage of five images of the Limecat meme, a baby rabbit, a chick, and finally, a deer and a rabbit. After the last image, it starts showing a very long montage of gruesome images involving pornography, dead people, gore, mutilation, diseases, unborn babies, cannibalism, trypophobia and so on, the site also includes various disgusting fanmade images of various popular franchises such as Pokemon, such as one with a rammed Pikachu on it.

Some of the content on it is:

  • The Pain Series
  • A gif of the Jarsquatter video
  • A gif of a nude anime girl cutting her stomach, only for her to be beheaded
  • An image of an old lynched black woman in the 1800s
  • An image of various bees stinging a guy's penis
  • The Goatse image
  • All of the photos.
  • The Tubgirl image
  • The Blue Waffle image
  • The Lemon Party image
  • A fish shoved up someone's rear
  • A montage of a man cutting his penis
  • A man with a flashlight stuck up his rear
  • An image of various fingers with cuts near other cuts
  • A gif of a man shooting himself
  • A female furry fox disemboweling herself
  • A man with his head smashed in
  • An image of the degloved face of a woman
  • Various Harlequin fetuses
  • Various gay pornographic pictures
  • A woman with a 7up bottle shoved up her rear
  • A gif of Jesus Christ stroking a penis
  • A montage of screenshots from 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick
  • A gif of a cat getting blendered
  • A photo of a burned baby
  • An image of a decapitated wolf's head on a toilet
  • An image of a seal with its eyes bulging out of its sockets
  • Rule 34 of Pokémon
  • A knife in a man's penis.
  • An image of a woman holding a dog with its insides exposed
  • An image of a fat woman cosplaying as Wonder Woman
  • An image of a man with rectal prolapse
  • A gif of a pig getting decapitated by a chainsaw
  • An image of girl in a bed with a cross on her bleeding mouth
  • John F. Kennedy's corpse

Near the end of the page, it shows a cartoon image of a couple looking back at a disturbed man saying he's "offended as fuck". At the end of the page, a certificate is shown, saying "You are now eligible to live and work in the United States of America". In 2009, at the end of the page it showed "AIN'T THAT SOMETHING???!" in rainbow text colors. Earlier in 2010, there was a picture of the Shocked Patrick meme from The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie and rainbow text reading "LULZ". In 2018, former US president George W. Bush and the Offended Song were added. At the bottom of the page, there is also a link to an external website, which will lead to a mirror of the Last Measure shock site.


Before Shocking Content

After Shocking Content


NOTE: The following shock sites contains extremely graphic images.


NOTE: The following website could potentially harm your computer.