Nuclear Bomb Test in the Pacific Ocean is a screamer video created by homelanddefens in 2009; this video was also featured on The video begins with a Nuclear Bomb being detonated in a ocean. A ship is seen in the video, floating in the sea. The nuclear bomb then detonates, causing a giant explosion, and a massive wave comes out of the water right next to the ship. After some seconds, another bomb is detonated, creating another massive wave.

The same scene repeats multiple times until 0:23, when it cuts to the person from Ghost in the London Dungeon, that screams then falls down.

The video then cuts to a picture of an open grave, and text displayed over it saying: "ObamaCare, it's shovel ready". It then shows a picture of Barack Obama and a Soviet army behind him, with text at the bottom saying: "United Socialist states of America". The video then ends.



NOTE: The following video contains a screamer.