Meatspin is a well-known shock site showing a looping video of a transsexual woman and a man having anal sex. The woman's penis is spinning, hence the name Meatspin. The 2003 remix of "You Spin Me Right Round (Like a Record)" by Dead or Alive plays in the background. There is a spin counter that tells you how many spins you've gone through. If the spin counter reaches over 45 spins, a text box appears saying: "YOU ARE OFFICIALLY GAY :-)". A variation of this website exists, the YTMND version with Three 6 Mafia's "Ridin' Spinnaz" playing instead.

There are variants of this site which contained malicious scripts that will let the window bounce around the screen and display many message boxes when the user tries to close the page.


The original video is from a Brazilian pornographic adult film, TSBitches,[1] starring Cristina Bianchini. The film itself can be found on PornHub. Later on, a website on YTMND titled Ridin Spinnaz.[2] grabbed a .gif of the film with the song "Riddin Spinners" playing in the background.[3] Later on, Meatspin[.]cc was created. The world record for amount of spins; 10,000,112 spins; was allegedly made in 2009 by four students in an Irish university "working around the clock to ensure they did not miss any spins."

In Popular culture

Benjamin Blouin

Benjamin Blouin, the man behind a now-former computer engineering student at Florida State University Panama City has reportedly admitted to "hacking" the school's wireless Internet.

2013: Florida Man Benjamin Blouin hacked FSU Panama City's internet to display Meatspin[.]com as the homepage on the school's computers. Blouin was arrested with a third degree felony; Blouin was also suspended and spent time in jail.[4]

Google Hammer

Google Hammer is the most malicious variant of Meatspin. It tries to trick people into thinking they will find good value marketing information, however when visiting the site, it sometimes will show a fake loading page, then it will proceed to the main payload which is showing the Meatspin flash, letting the window move around the screen. When the user tries to close the page, a second payload will be activated which is crashing non-IE browsers such as Chrome by overloading Shockwave Flash using a custom SFWObject script, displaying lots of confirm boxes, and changing the window title on IE on exit. Before it used its own code, the website was a mirror to which is basically the same (Not as malicious though.) Many people think that the website will download a bunch of malicious applications to the local machine, however this statement was confirmed false. [citation needed]


Many parodies of this shock site have been made, on September 25th, 2006, Leekspin was made as a parody of this meme to Meatspin.


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NOTE: The following websites contains pornographic images!



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  • Safe version:
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