Jingle Bells Reversed

Jingle Bells Reversed is a screamer created by Daniel Fowler and was originally found on Funnyjunk in 2006. It starts by playing an extract from the song Jingle Bells forwards. After the first extract, the same extract is played in reverse. Around 3 quarters into the video, an inverted picture of Daniel Fowler, the creator himself, blinking his eyes pops up, along with a high-pitched scream. The original video got taken down from Funnyjunk but the original owner re-uploaded it on the website DeviantArt. Jeremy Winterrowd also featured this screamer on his website. There is a yellow coloured version of the screamer but there is no link to that version.



NOTE: The following animation contains a screamer.

  1. (original uploader)
  5. (proof of yellow version)