forest-wmv is a computer prank. There's also a GIF version called forest.gif. The screamer was made in 2002, however there are various copies and re-uploads of it on the Internet.

The video shows a very cartoonish drawing of a forest, and after 13 seconds, an equally cartoonish drawing of a blue alien-like head with a wide open mouth, sharp teeth and white eyes, pops up at the center of the screen with the same scream from What's Wrong?.

In the GIF version, it's the same thing except there is no scream due to GIFs just being animated images.

The GIF and the video can be downloaded on the computer, which can be used as a prank on friends and others.

forest-wmv is also known to have other names:

  • martian-wmv
  • jungle-wmv
  • forest.mp4
  • jungle.mp4


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

  • YouTube video:
  • Unedited version; by the way, the code is a lie:

Download Links

NOTE: The following content contains screamers!

  • GIF Version:
  • Video Version:
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