CAR HIT BY TRAIN!!! (REAL LIVE WEBCAM FOOTAGE) is a screamer video. It tells the viewer that they will see webcam footage of a car getting smacked by a train at a crossing. The pictures proceed and after a while, the player then sees the head of a girl with her face almost entirely ripped off (though not very graphic or disturbing,) showing some blood, an empty eye socket, not to mention her teeth in bad state accompanied by a cheaply ripped scream from The Maze. It then cuts back to the pictures which naturally don't show a train hitting a car.

Video Description

One day while I was watching a live broadcast of the Steilacoom, Washington ferry dock, I witnessed a car get struck by a high speed freight train. Coincidentally, I had a screen recording program running at the time, so the entire incident was captured onto my computer. Take a look at this real video footage of the SUV being plowed right off the tracks with two people still inside. Though this is only made up of pictures that would refresh every 60 seconds, you can still see clearly that the car was struck and dragged down the tracks. I shortened the clips down to 5 second segments so you're not staring at 2 minutes of boring still images. Please comment and/or subscribe. Thanks :)


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer.