Blue Waffle is a shock site. Victims are told to search for an image of a blue waffle on Google’s Image Search, only to be surprised by a close-up shot image of what appears to be a diseased woman's vagina.


Blue Waffle
The picture was first seen on the shock site from Documenting Reality.

The Blue Waffle shock site was uploaded in 2008, and consisted of just a picture of what appears to be a diseased vagina, with a small description. Eventually, this was used as a form of bait and switch, baiting people into searching it on Google Images. These mainly came in the form of images, showing a literal blue waffle, followed by the caption Bet you can’t find me on Google Images!


  • There is no known disease named Blue Waffle. All stories about Blue Waffle being an STD are wrong. The pictures show a yeast infection stained with an antibacterial triarylmethane dye known as crystal violet.
  • Trenton, New Jersey, councilwoman Kathy McBride fell victim to the hoax during a 2013 City Council meeting believing the disease was real.


NOTE: The following website contains graphic images!

  • • Mirror Link.