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This page is about a screamer which may contain flashing images.
This page is about a website which no longer exists. was supposed to be a prank for people who misspelled the website when the website was opened, a flashing picture of Jeff the Killer, the same .swf from Anne.jpg, inverts negativity at a seizure-inducing rate popped up with an ear-piercing paulstreched scream used in Audacity looping with the text: "L3mm1ng Braz1I App3r Yazir Alyx WanR00t H0rs3 D0nny" with the image shifted a bit. When the user tried to close the website, a window popped up with the text: "U SCARED BRO LOL", leading the user of some browsers to have to force-quit their web browser. As of August 2015, the website is now offline.

The creator of the website was found to be Preston Kellenberger, living in Sardinia, Ohio.[1][2]


There were multiple social media posts about the site, the majority of them coming from Reddit. Many of the posts are simply to warn people about the screamer, but this one, in particular, was supposedly written by a parent whose nine-year-old son had an epileptic seizure when trying to play because they misspelled it as The mother states she is talking to a lawyer and is attempting to track down and prosecute the creator of the website.


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NOTE: The following websites contain screamers with flashing lights.

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