La palabra screamer, es un juego, un video, o un website que requiere la persona ver a la plantalla, pero de repente hay algo para asustar la persona que estába viendo. Muchos screamers tienen ruidos fuertes para asustar la persona más. Normalmente, el ruido es un gritado. Ejemplos de screamers son The Maze que há creado de Jeremy WinterrowdAnne.jpgGhost Caught on Tape y los Comerciales de K-Fee. Screamers casí siempre tienen un foto creado para asustar con el ruido. Por ejemplo, Regan MacNeil de la pelicula del Exorcist. A veces, los tienen fotos asquerosos que son llamado Websites Chocantes. Los Websites Asqueros son screamers porque pueden asustar también.


Carro de Kfee

Los comerciales de K-Fee.

El screamer mayor há creado en los 1970s y lentamente aparecieron en el internet en los 2000s. La segunda screamer en la tele es los Comerciales de K-Fee por su café nuevo. Los comerciales han escenas bonitas con musica y ruidos calma, but at some point in the ad, pero pronto, los comerciales son interrumpen de un zombí o un gargoyle antes del eslogan y el café de K-Fee.

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Because of their reputation as clever trolling tools and pranks, screamers have been featured quite recently in works of fiction and also in some well-known cartoons.

The Amazing World of Gumball Editar

In the Cartoon Network animated series The Amazing World of Gumball, the episode named "The Internet", parodies the K-fee advertisements. In one scene, Gumball and Darwin appear randomly browsing the web while watching videos. Among these videos, they come across what is implied to be the K-fee Car ad. Gumball watches the video, commenting on the white car driving through the hills and staring closely at the screen, when suddenly the loud scream is heard, causing him to have an intense reaction which gets recorded and posted to the web. The rest of the episode involves Gumball trying to get rid of the video about his reaction, which has given him unwanted fame.

In the episode "The Spoiler", when Anais wants Gumball to take her to a horror movie, Gumball pulls a prank on both her and the audience by having the screen suddenly cut to a picture of a real-life piranha with its mouth fully open alongside a screeching noise. The screen then cuts to Annais white with shock while Gumball sports a smug grin.

Gravity Falls Editar

In the Disney animated series Gravity Falls, the episode "Summerween" also refers to screamers. After many failed attempts at scaring two kids who have been coming to the Mystery Shack for trick 'n' treat, Grunkle Stan asks them what they find scary. One of the children shows him a video in his smartphone which says "Watch closely". It then shows a cute kitten, which is abruptly cut by a screaming demonic face, scaring Stan and causing him to have a nervous fit.

Drawn Together Editar

In the Comedy Central animated series Drawn Together, the episode ''Spelling Applebee'' parodies the flash screamer Where's Waldo?. In one scene, Princess Clara disguises herself as Waldo and tells Captain Hero before she disappears into the crowd: "You know where to find me". After a while, the screen cuts to a close-up picture of three monstrous-looking aliens, accompanied with a piercing screech. Earlier, The image with the screaming aliens appeared during the Foxxy Love montage in the same episode.

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As screamers made surface on the web, more reaction videos were being posted and eventually became a trend on the Internet. The concept of a reaction video is to get someone to play or watch a screamer while recording their reaction.

The first reaction video to The Maze was uploaded to YouTube by the user CantWeAllJusGetAlong, on May 20th, 2006. In the video, a young kid, Justice, is playing The Maze. Then, he gets surprised by the screamer. Shocked, he starts screaming and repeatedly hitting the computer screen. He then runs to his stepdad, Chad, and starts crying. As of 2018, the video has over 27 million views.